Sep  October 2021
39 123
Friday, Oct 22, 2021   
Award Winner
.44 MAGNUM  sinshiva (15 kills with taurus44)
338-RECON  [n00b] Ethem11 (31 kills with 338-recon)
870 MCS  BabyGrits (321 kills with 870)
93R  AshilyNicoPsycho (15 kills with 93r)
A-91  Gjant (240 kills with a-91)
ACE 21 CQB  lTheDeadl (100 kills with ace-21)
ACE 23  jdac41 (114 kills with ace-23)
ACE 52 CQB  [GUNR] RexHowe (91 kills with ace-52)
ACE 53 SV  dredd2241 (14 kills with ace-53)
ACW-R  BabyGrits (214 kills with acw-r)
AEK-971  [GoD] ProfesssorXavier (508 kills with aek971)
AK 5C  [ROOT] USAFBOMBER1 (136 kills with ak5c)
AK-12  UMEYOROSI-japan (151 kills with ak-12)
AKU-12  crepitance (18 kills with aku-12)
AN-94  Alogolo (229 kills with an-94)
AR160  Shiplets (30 kills with ar160)
AS VAL  BabyGrits (85 kill with asval)
AUG A3  robinson_checo (154 kills with aug a3)
AWS  Tobi5480 (136 kills with aws)
BALLISTIC SHIELD  kotonoha2918 (1 kills with ballistic shield)
BULLDOG  [eGO] grande_isle (211 kills with buldog)
C4 EXPLOSIVE  eck053o (122 kills with c4)
CBJ-MS  Tawaradan (23 kills with cbj-ms)
COMPACT 45  [PDW] UGANDANW4RLORD (6 kills with hk45c)
CS-LR4  QuakeVx (20 kills with cs-lr4)
CS5  Trunks409 (37 kills with cs5)
CZ-3A1  SaDarrK (54 kills with cz-3a1)
CZ-75  G4MR_Hamster (1 kills with cz-75)
CZ-805  Vitamin-6ix9ine (19 kills with cz-805)
DAO-12  mqrukuun (63 kill with dao12)
DBV-12  ShienTazu (139 kills with dbv-12)
DEAGLE 44  [pruu] Delta_Rj (15 kills with desert eagle)
DEFIBRILLATOR  eck053o (11 kills with defib)
F2000  Hisshinahishi (121 kill with f2000)
FAMAS  lllRook (164 kills with famas)
FGM-172 SRAW  OkayEpic (19 kills with sraw)
FN57  Asap_Comie (5 kills with fn57)
G18  [GoD] ProfesssorXavier (77 kills with g18)
G36C  chanchanp2 (98 kills with g36c)
GOL MAGNUM  [pruu] Delta_Rj (42 kill with gol)
GROZA-1  M00Ncaker (215 kills with groza-1)
GROZA-4  de_blacktide (21 kills with groza-4)
HAWK 12G  _k0r (195 kills with hawk)
JNG-90  aRussiann (16 kills with jng90)
JS2  ginka1S (20 kills with js2)
L85A2  [LIVE] HoKogan (65 kills with l85a2)
L86A2  [TBG] alienstout (83 kills with l86a2)
L96A1  marimo1937 (21 kills with l96a1)
Longest Death Streak  miller1994788 (26 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  OrigamiBullets (37 kills)
Longest Play Time  jdac41 (08:16:44h hours)
LSAT  Asap_Comie (65 kills with lsat)
M1014  LXSOF (107 kills with m1014)
M16A4  Sargoderic (63 kills with m16a4)
M18 CLAYMORE  lTheDeadl (38 kills with claymore)
M1911  _danielsann01 (12 kills with m1911)
M224 MORTAR  [BFB] -BFB-F1lthyrich (68 kills with m224)
M240B  Ahrimann666 (169 kills with m240b)
M249  JEFEGHOST10 (110 kills with m249)
M26 BUCK  marbrolu (4 kills with m26mass_buck)
M26 DART  SiIentkill3r (24 kills with m26mass_flechette)
M26 FRAG  bigoshow12 (3 kills with m26mass_frag)
M26 MASS  Goofy-Brando (17 kills with m26mass)
M26 SLUG  jdac41 (1 kills with m26mass_slug)
M320  41on3 (37 kills with m320_he)
M320 3GL  ryanjgjones (8 kills with m320_3gl)
M320 FB  7Tacos7 (32 kills with m320_flash)
M320 LVG  ssgt_snafu (34 kills with m320_lvg)
M320 SHG  tomokusa (10 kills with m320_shg)
M320 SMK  YaBoiFetus (1 kills with m320_smk)
M34 INCENDIARY  mercworx45 (8 kills with m34)
M39 EMR  [USMC] Vapormufins (83 kills with m39)
M4  hukumaru7 (43 kills with m4)
M40A5  Totizanabbili (40 kills with m40a5)
M412 REX  [LOL] TurnAroundPlease (27 kills with mp412)
M416  spladle6969 (68 kills with m416)
M60-E4  -Lowburn2 (30 kill with m60e4)
M67 FRAG  BabyGrits (73 kills with m67)
M82A3 MID  [GoD] lll-RaZe-lll (45 kills with m82a3-mid)
M84 FLASHBANG  xxxHELMS (1 kills with m84)
M9  mediocrity_37 (9 kills with m9)
M98B  meppuru (36 kills with m98b)
MARE'S LEG  JerrDaBearr (5 kills with mare's leg)
MAV  [sP8z] anubis7814 (3 kills with mav)
MBT LAW  TAKI_akaRENTARO (55 kills with nlaw)
MELEE  eck053o (40 kills with melee)
MG4  Mithras77 (159 kills with mg4)
MK11 MOD 0  SinisterDPanda (38 kills with mk11)
MK153 SMAW  terfl (8 kills with smaw)
Most Deaths  7Tacos7 (546 deaths)
Most Headshots  BabyGrits (152 headshots)
Most Improved Player  BabyGrits (8,201 points gained)
Most Kills  BabyGrits (1,139 kills)
Most Suicides  eck053o (9 suicides)
MP443  APEXisDlFFICULT (17 kills with mp443)
MP7  alke77 (64 kills with mp7)
MPX  M1-Thunder (98 kills with mpx)
MTAR21  Sai67koe (140 kills with mtar21)
MX4  Carubonara_78 (163 kills with mx4)
P226  alanxtrgamer (14 kills with p226)
P90  CherriNobyl (105 kills with p90)
PDW-R  CherriNobyl (24 kills with pdw-r)
PHANTOM  sinshiva (97 kills with phantom)
PKP PECHENEG  [GoD] CleetusTheRednek (142 kills with pecheng)
PP-2000  PanzerwitchSS (67 kills with pp2000)
QBB-95-1  IanMacR (81 kills with qbb-95)
QBS-09  URA10828 (65 kills with qbs-09)
QBU-88  imprezastiv6 (36 kills with qbu88)
QBZ-95-1  Sprodmen (6 kills with qbz-95)
QSZ-92  APEXisDlFFICULT (30 kills with qsz-92)
REPAIR TOOL  CherriNobyl (3 kills with repair tool)
RFB  keatdcosta (32 kills with rfb)
RGO IMPACT  [HUE] _OneeDay (35 kills with rg0)
ROAD KILL  [SUAV] Andy-Hammer1976 (14 kills with roadkill)
RPG-7V2  lllRook (32 kills with rpg7)
RPK  Spetznozi (85 kills with rpk)
RPK-12  MiguelSanchez01 (31 kills with rpk-12)
SAIGA 12K  racbulldog5 (196 kills with saiga)
SAR-21  musclebeast2 (45 kills with sar-21)
SCAR-H  Guedes_Lucns7 (121 kills with scar-h)
SCAR-H SV  Batassky (39 kills with scar_h sv)
SCOUT ELITE  Astolfo_296112 (18 kills with scout)
SG553  [HUE] _OneeDay (167 kills with sg553)
SHORTY 12G  About About About SoggyChiliFries (31 kills with shorty)
SKS  capitol8 (85 kills with sks)
SPAS-12  _DeRaNNN_ (97 kills with spas-12)
SR-2  [SIV] SCV_781 (1 kills with sr2)
SR338  ds100038 (94 kills with sr338)
SRR-61  nickdram6920 (67 kills with srr-61)
SV-98  Astolfo_296112 (21 kills with sv-98)
SVD-12  sinoKyrie (49 kills with svd-12)
SW40  SrRogerRabbit (13 kills with sw40)
TYPE 88 LMG  LXSOF (71 kills with type-88)
TYPE-95B-1  LouieSafer (19 kills with type-95)
U-100 MK5  x_X_ArTsIe_X_x (51 kills with mk5)
UCAV  BR-MAFIOOSO (24 kills with ucav)
UMP-45  LanceQ1 (16 kills with ump-45)
UMP-9  [PDW] UGANDANW4RLORD (5 kills with ump-9)
UNICA 6  Baconflaps4210 (11 kills with unica6)
USAS-12  Leford-Dextrae (13 kills with usas-12)
UTS 15  [GoD] lll-RaZe-lll (145 kills with uts-15)
V40 MINI  Mithras77 (18 kills with v40)
XM25  BuTTeRD09 (77 kills with xm25)
XM25 DART  damIwentNasty (5 kills with xm25-dart)